Upcoming Live Interview

Announcing my live interview on Blog Talk Radio on the Life Lessons Network with Rick Tocquigny scheduled for January 6, 2016, at 11:00 A.M. MST. The link to my interview is:


I have been working with the company Gracefully Yours over the last year, and they have licensed four of my art pieces for my first boxed set of greeting cards. My boxed set title “Encouragement- You’ve Got Wings” is precisely how I view the world and how I approach my art. My theme throughout my art process from the beginning has always been encouragement through art, find your joy and just begin. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Gracefully Yours.

You can find my cards on their web page at: http://gracefully-yours.com/products/encouragement-youve-got-wings-featuring-artist-belinda-dworak.

Gracefully Yours is a division of Artbeat of America. I love that Gracefully Yours is about spreading joy and encouragement.

I hope you will have a chance to listen to my interview on January 6th. If you miss the live interview, it will be available On-Demand on Blog Talk Radio on the Life Lessons Network.

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Featured Artist on Unruly Paperarts

I am so excited to share with you that I am one of two featured artist this month at Unruly Paperarts. I am feeling humbled and honored by all of this. Stop by to read my interview and check out all of their wonderful pages of art and contributors tutorials. October 31st, Unruly Paperarts will have a project done by me with instructions for you to follow along and make your own canvas. http://www.unrulypaperarts.com/2014/10/artist-spotlight-belinda-dworak.html

What kind of an artist are you?

What kind of an artist are you? Some artist just sit down or stand, paint brush in hand and they have a definite idea, a creative sketch which they put down on canvas, paper or in an art journal. After five years of painting, and trying to figure out what kind of an artist I am, I have accepted that I don’t have a particular artist title I just love to paint. What I do know is that I love to paint and create. I need to paint. I am not your typical artist professionally trained I am self-taught, or it’s just in my DNA. Painting makes me happy, it helps me to stay focused on life and I feel good when I have completed a canvas. I get excited over gesso, smeared on paper, on a canvas or in an old book. I feel such joy when I pick up a bottle of neon pink, neon orange or really any bottle filled with color. The possibilities are endless once you start and all it takes is a brush, paint and something to lay your paint on. My art style is just my style. We all have our own way of creating, it doesn’t matter if you are professionally trained or self-trained. I have grown as an artist over these five years. I feel more self-confident. I believe in going with my first intuition it has never failed me in these five years. I haven’t always had a trust of my own intuition. I don’t believe we are born with it, I do think we can learn to be open to trusting our inner feelings and trusting that what we are feeling is right and true. I am an artist and I paint what I feel. That’s my style……..

Hot Mess – Work In Progress.


Mark making on canvas is my beginning process. This is a huge canvas and hoping to pull it together in the next few days. It’s okay to be a #Work In Progress in all phases of your life. What is your Work In Progress? Embrace your work in progress whatever it may be.