Lifetime Skills – Imagine!

She realized at a young age that even the smallest wings could take her far and wide. Her wings were an extension of her life journey, and even though they remained small, their strength sustained her throughout her life. Her tiny wings remain unseen by others but, she knows exactly when and how to use them. A skill learned over a lifetime.

Author – Belinda @maddbeesstudio

I Believe………

I believe in love. Not love at first sight. I believe in the kind of love that grows over time and is constant.

I believe in 1st, 2nd and 3rd chances. What you choose to do with once given the opportunity of 1st, 2nd and 3rd chances will make or break you.

I believe in TRUE. Being true helps you to be real.

I believe in mistakes. Make mistakes make lots of them. Making mistakes is like taking risks. You never know if what you are risking will be worth the effort. It could turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life but, it will be worth it. You will have the answer you seek.

I believe in gratitude. It affords you the opportunity to show appreciation. To spread kindness, around the universe.

I believe in grace. The acceptance of grace can fill you with extraordinary acquiescence. Sometimes, grace is your best hope.

I believe in resolve. It takes a lot of courage to stand firmly and not settle. Resolve happens when abjuration sets in. Look for the answer without self-sacrifice. It may not be the answer you hoped to find. Maybe you ask the wrong question. Never give up or give in.

I believe in brave. Be fearless, and venturesome. Run down the least appealing path. You may find that you have more strength by taking the most temerarious path. It may turn out to be the biggest challenge of your life. Be Brave and trust in your decisions.

I believe in atonement. No one is perfect and it takes a lot of courage to admit that you are wrong. We all have to fail at something. When we fail we begin to understand how fragile life is. Failing teaches us to show empathy towards others.

I believe in sorrow. Sorrow brings tears. Tears give us the ability to let go of hurt and sadness. Without sorrow, there would be no joy. Sorrow and joy give us emotional balance.

Thanks Joe

JoeThanks Joe for reminding us how beautiful we really are. Your undeniable voice helped us to navigate the 60’s and told us to believe in love at first sight while assuring us that you were certain that it happened all the time.



Love is a word.

Love is more than a word, it’s a feeling deep in your heart.

Love is John, dear sweet husband.

Love is my granddaughter Maddy growing up and still wanting to hang out with her BeBe.

Love is Mason and Andrew giggling, being silly, and running barefoot through my house.

Love is Alex, growing up into a young man who still laughs at my silly jokes.

Love is our sweet dog Ally, she grows older by the day but still has the spark of a puppy.

Love is a warm coat and gloves on 0 degree day’s.

Love is a paint brush fully loaded with Cobalt Teal.

Love is a piece of vintage, shinny, velvet, embossed wallpaper.

Love is creating something from soft fabric, then giving it away.

Love is the glue on my fingers then pulling it off piece by piece.

Love is the start of a new painting.

Love is full of hope on a hopeless day.

Love is every day a beautiful thing.


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