News from the studio.

On June 8, I received an email from a publisher asking me if I would be interested in writing a short story for their upcoming book. The title of the book is Life Lessons from Grandparents. I am so honored to be part of this book publication. I have been so lucky to have grandparents in my life from childhood into adulthood. As a child, my grandparents were always there for me. Because of them and my mom and dad, I learned what it means to be a grandparent. I learned so much from my grandparents; they were always available. My mom’s parents became the subject of my short story. I choose to write about my Grandmother Florence. Her story is one of heartbreak from an early age to a joyful determination in her later years. I have uploaded my story to the publisher, and they responded back to me that it is one of the most powerful, heartwrenching stories they have ever received. They also realized her story is at the core of life’s ups and downs, a remarkable journey. I think I told the story my grandmother could never tell herself. I am honored to be part of this book along with other authors. I will share the release date once I receive it.



Love is a word.

Love is more than a word, it’s a feeling deep in your heart.

Love is John, dear sweet husband.

Love is my granddaughter Maddy growing up and still wanting to hang out with her BeBe.

Love is Mason and Andrew giggling, being silly, and running barefoot through my house.

Love is Alex, growing up into a young man who still laughs at my silly jokes.

Love is our sweet dog Ally, she grows older by the day but still has the spark of a puppy.

Love is a warm coat and gloves on 0 degree day’s.

Love is a paint brush fully loaded with Cobalt Teal.

Love is a piece of vintage, shinny, velvet, embossed wallpaper.

Love is creating something from soft fabric, then giving it away.

Love is the glue on my fingers then pulling it off piece by piece.

Love is the start of a new painting.

Love is full of hope on a hopeless day.

Love is every day a beautiful thing.


Welcome to my Blog.  If you landed here by mistake, please stay and enjoy the photos.  I am in the process of updating this blog and hope you stop back often to check out my art work.