Hot Mess – Work In Progress.


Mark making on canvas is my beginning process. This is a huge canvas and hoping to pull it together in the next few days. It’s okay to be a #Work In Progress in all phases of your life. What is your Work In Progress? Embrace your work in progress whatever it may be.

Exciting Art News.

I have so many artist friends on-line and they are wonderfully supportive and sharing of their time and beautiful art. We encourage each other and share ideas. I was reading my artist friend Joanna Grant’s blog post that told the story of how she and another artist friend exchanged some unfinished art then finished each other’s art piece. It intrigued me and I loved Joanna’s idea. I sent her a message and ask her if she would be interested in swapping some unfinished art with me. To my delight she said yes. As an artist, your mind is always open to new wonders that surround you, which leads to many ideas and many art pieces started then laid aside due to being not what you expected, or not going where you wanted it to go. I have a few of those unfinished pieces sitting in my studio and waiting for something to happen. I had jumped in wholeheartedly many times and took a canvas that was unfinished and gave it a new vision. Most times it was meant to sit for awhile and for me to walk by many times and look at with a new view. We always come back with a new idea for our unfinished pieces with fresh ideas, new concepts and color palettes. That is the way of the artist. Eyes wide open to all the beauty that surrounds us.

I sent Joanna five pictures of some of my unfinished pieces to choose from, and she sent me pictures of her pieces unfinished and waiting. We each picked two of each others artworks, dropped them in the mail to each other and set a date for their completion. We will keep you updated on our journey. Thank you Joanna for trusting me with your beautiful unfinished artwork, and I am so thrilled to join you on this journey. I love the quote ” If you want to do something, begin.” I am not sure who the quote was written by, but now we begin.

This is Joanna’s blog link: Be sure and check out her awesome art and blog.

New Year and New Intentions.

I have decided to started a journal of my intentions for the New Year.  Intention No. 1 – Be more proactive in showing my art on my blog.  Intention No. 2 – Blog every day regardless of the length of the blog.  I must continue to be a better caretaker of my blog.   Sometimes I find it hard to sit and blog about my daily life.  I will do better at sharing.  I am a Mixed Media Artist. I create art every day.  I have to create art every day because, in the end,  it keeps me centered.  I hope you enjoy my art pictures. I have added a widget which you can click to take you directly to my Instagram account.  I upload a lot of art on Instagram.  I hope you find something interesting to look at and please linger awhile and enjoy my photos.  Wishing you a New Year full of joy and I hope you take the time to make new intentions for your New year.  Your life’s work is important to you and the universe.  After all, the universe needs beautiful and caring souls like yourself……  If you would like to share some of your intentions for the New Year, I would be happy to read them. BeBe.


I learned… that inspiration does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic, striving, but it comes to us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness. ::: Brenda Ueland:::