Coloring my world.

Today I have been thinking about my art. Wondering what drives me to create. Why do I feel so happy when throwing the color teal down on a canvas. Neon pink makes me giggle; neon orange makes me delirious; neon magenta gives me the chills. Color surrounds us in the blue sky; the green grass, the yellow sun, the red cardinal who sings faithfully every day and in every corner of our life color maintains us. There have been many studies on the effects of color and our moods. Advertisers use colors to draw us into their products. The purchase of a beautifully colored purse or dress is usually the result of an advertisement we’ve seen. How does this tie into my thinking about my art? The answer can only be color. I think a lot of the color choices I make when painting on canvas are not really thinking about the choice of color but, rather feeling the color as it splashes across my canvas. Some days I feel so neon pink and others I feel so deliriously orange and some days the choice of yellow causes a calm to run over me in the most assuring way. How does color affect you?