Some thoughts on time…….


It has been brought to my attention that time is not merely a clock on the wall. In its purest form, time is the snow falling on a winters day, the bluest sky on a spring day. Time can be slightly egregious. One can not trust it. There is no way we can prevent it. Time tricks us at every turn. When we are young, time is our best friend. We don’t worry about time. After all, we have our whole life in front of us. Hence, the trickery of time. I wish someone would have warned me that my whole life perfectly laid out in front of me was flying by quickly, quietly, and unnoticed. It makes me angry that I had to figure this out on my own. My parents never told me that time could be so fugacious. They never warned me that time was temporary, or that its swiftness would accelerate at a speed faster than I could ever ideate. I must remember to tell my daughters and grandchildren in the most profound and honest way to stop whatever they are doing without looking at a clock, just stop. I will tell them to walk outside on the darkest night and actually look for the brightest star in the sky. I will remind them that if they and when they find that bright shining star to savor that moment. It is just one of many wondrous beauties of life. I must tell them they do not have their entire life in front of them. I will be honest and tell them they are living their entire life now.  Time should be added to the 7 Wonders of the World, for it is in and of its self an astonishing wonder that any of us understand how fleeting it truly is.


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